4/29 report

Hmmm...still in Weymouth. Took advantage of Mom's high tech blender again and made another smoothie.

Veg: carrots, asparagus (left over primavera)
Grain: pasta
Fruit: smoothie, 2 srv (banana, strawberry, blackberry, cranberry juice)
Dairy: primavera sauce, yogurt (from smoothie)
Legume: x
Nut/seed: 10 almonds
Other: water (5)

Walked about 3 miles with Daisy Mae. She loves when I come to visit because her Pavlovian response goes "long walk girl long walk girl she's here she's here i'm going for a long walk - off leash down by the pond off leash yay yay yay. Here's a kiss and another, let me jump up and hug you oh I'm not supposed to do that yeah I forgot. Long walk girl! Long walk girl!"

Other things, having to do with all the shisse of last week, are still just as shisse as ever. I feel like a hamster on a wheel. On a better note: the car is all repaired and inspected. So, there's that headway. Yay!