TO DO - creative thesis preface notes

-We should "step back and examine our own writing"
-we can discuss influences on our work
-it can be informal, but should be serious and focused
-we can discuss strategies we used, patterns in our work, goals we had...
-we should write it as something that could be published with the book
-it should be whatever we would want a reader to know


-at least 10 pages
-provides a literary context for their own work
-based on or draw on previous critical annotations or on portions of the third-semester essay
-or it may be written anew
-should talk about the work and its various literary influences
-how it relates to or builds on those influences
-what you were trying to accomplish
-what you think you have accomplished
-may incorporate personal meditation as well as analytic language, as long as it places the creative thesis within a literary tradition, whether through a consideration of literary influences or through discussion of literary characteristics