The Daily Show and Jim Cramer

Holy mackerel! That Jim Cramer is even douchier than we suspected!

First, of course, is Cramer's appearance on the Daily Show. If you've got extra time on your hands, don't just watch this clip linked from Wonkette, but read the entire thread, including the comments. They meander out to all manner of things but they are good.

Here's some MSM coverage of it but it completely misreads the success of Stewart's interview, saying he was too serious for a comedy show:

Hey guess what New York Effin Times, if you or the other legion of MSM did their effin job and called these people out, like you're supposed to, the comedian could go back to making fart jokes, no problem.

Anyway, here's some more on how sinister and awful Jim Cramer is. Now, I'm not sure how much I trust this, since the elaborate article "Deep Capture" is funded by the CEO of, so my cynical side tries to see what he stand to gain. Never the less, worth the read:

This banking crisis get wackier and wackier.