Tasty: Blackberry Witbier

Roommate Rene and I got all Gift of the Magi on each other tonight.

I went out and bought some Sam Adam's Blackberry Witbier and Spanish wine for us, since I've been drinking her red wine. Before coming home tonight, she bought some Witbier for me, since I've been feeding and walking Maddie in the evenings because she's so busy with work.

As a result there were 12 bottles here in the Dub Roc at the beginning of the night. Because it's rather tasty, there are not as many here any more.

Rene, Chrissy and I got to taste test the Blackberry when we went on a tour of the Sam Adams brewery this summer. Blackberry's competitor was Coffee Stout. Blackberry won, which is why it's available at Macy's Liquors.

Check out this not too sweet, tinge of zingy-sour, lovely wheat beer from Sam Adams. It's a good one.