Sweeting My Coffee with Honey

I am not a black coffee type. I have to have it sweetened, and I have to have some sort of creamer. I have recently switched from Splenda to sweeten my coffee to 2 teaspoons of honey. I know such a notion can make one pull a face (like the admin asst where I temp) but on the radio the other day I heard a neurosurgeon report that one of the things that can exacerbate the onset of Alzheimer's is regularly consuming artificial sweeteners. So, anything I can do to stem the inevitable...(Since my great grandma, my nana, & my nana's sister all have/had Alzheimer's, I try to do what I can to avoid the exacerbators.)

My nutrition teacher always said that you want to eat the thing that is closest to the whole, because the "whole" of something has all the nutrients of it, whatever "it" is. Therefore:

Refined Sugar


something that it highly processed and nutritionally negligent
something that is the "whole" and therefore contains nutrients

What, though, do I mean by nutrients? That can mean vitamins and minerals or, in the case of honey, anti-oxidants, which is good for combating cancer. It can also reduce the bad cholesterol (LDL). Plus there are traces of B vitamins and minerals iron and manganese.

How do I know all this? It's knowledge I built up over the years of eating vegetarian and shopping at hippie food stores. However, you can google "health benefits of honey" and find the same information for yourself.

It's a wonder I did not think to do this sooner, eh? But now is as good a time as any.

For the dairy I add to my coffee, in an ideal world, I would use almond milk or soy milk to cream my coffee (that sounds a lil durdy, dunnit?). However, because I only use it for coffee, my containers of soy or almond milk can end up going to waste because I don't use it up after 10 days. That's why, sadly, sometime I opt to use the not so eco-friendly/healthy ultra pasteurized half and half containers -- like if I know I will be out of the house during the week and not eating breakfast at the table but on the go (so I can't use up the soy or almond milk in my cereal & whatnot)...

The soy milk and honey option for your coffee is available at Starbucks. Some Dunkins have soy milk (but not enough of them do) and they often have honey, so just ask. And, of course, there's always your non-chain local coffee shop. They usually have honey for the tea drinking customers, so, again, ask. I ask at Auntie B's & it's no problem at all.

So, how do I take my coffee? With 2 tsp of honey and some soy milk, please. It's tasty & pretty good for you, to boot.