Restaurant Review: Scollay Square

It's Restaurant Week here in Boston. I went to Scollay Square in Beacon Hill (seems wrong to say such a thing, like I went to a restaurant called "Yugoslavia" in Serbia, but whatevs). Most Boston Restaurant Week menus feature seafood, so I thought I'd be fine where ever I went, except that tickle in my throat I get from white fish. Oopsy. As a result I went off the RW menu but is was a pleasant result. I had the lasagna, which was radically different from your usual lasagna with squash, marscapone and pine nuts for the layers. It came with a side of baby garlic spinach and it was delish. It's made me think about all the different things I can do for a lasagna!

Though it's ubiquitous, I had a beet and goat cheese salad with a garlic and taragon viniagrette. Beets with mixed greens is just about everywhere except McDonalds, it seems. Though it is still a tasty combination and I have some beets at home with some arugula waiting to be mixed with some brie. Tasty.