Repost: Are You Going to Strawberry Fair?

Pre-Script - I just went there for lunch with Alicia and Rene. I had a salmon burger that was so good. Also good is the homemade ranch. Such a lovely little place, right off Rte 53.

September 2, 2006 @ 11:15 pm

So, we finally made it in a majority representation. I wish that we could have made it when Kara was here, but we did tonight. My chowder had bacon, so everyone else ate it, actually. My green beans were delicious, though. The stuffed portabello wasn’t the best one I’ve ever had, but still good. The mashed potatoes were nice, as ever.

Since it’s not 1993, no one told me he loved me on the way home. You see, in 1993, I dated a senior when I was a freshman. What a pedo!!! On Valentine’s Day in 1993, Gre g The ran told me he loved me after taking me to Strawberry Fair for Valentine’s Day dessert.

Next time I go, I’m getting the quiche.

Other’s orders and ratings:

Eri n- Garden Wrap: good good good

Rene-Veggie Melt: chopped vegs different but tastes better than it used to. Liked the layer of soft pita bread and side of homemade creamy ranch.

DTC-Milano Chicken Sandwich: grilled chicken with pesto and sundred tomato in foccacia bread

DFG- Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad: still working on eliminating the baby weight. I think she looks adorable still and also, not all of us can be effing Heidi Klum.

Ali cia- Thanksgiving Sandwich: mmm… I love it. (She had this this time too! ~2009)

Anyway, everything’s from scratch and the place is so very very quaint. The other thing that was nice was the live acoustic music.