Reconfiguring Romanticism at Harvard

I went to this last night (from the Harvard college library website)

Monday, March 30, 7:00pm
Reconfiguring Romanticism: Readings from Poems for the Millennium, Volume Three, with Bill Corbett, Gerrit Lansing, Jeffrey C. Robinson, Jerome Rothenberg, Keith Waldrop & othersIn conjunction with the recent release of Poems for the Millennium, Volume Three, this reading and discussion will reveal surprising continuities between the Romantic canon and the experiments of modernism and postmodernism. Introduced by Patrick Pritchett.
Thompson Room, Barker Center

And it was something. My favorite part was when Keith Waldrop read Keats but also when he read his translation of something from Fleur du Mal and used the phrase "make whoopie" in his translation. The two guys sitting in the back of the room next to me (Patrick Pritchett the Introducer & IDK) looked to each other and started laughing at how fricken great that was to insert into a Baudelaire poem. I laughed, too. I also enjoyed the commentary from the two historians.

Random note about the Thompson Room, there's Bose Speakers embedded in the ceiling. (My attention wandered a little at one point -- during one of the non-poem reading times...)