Recipe: Vegetarian Irish Stew

Vegetarian Irish Stew

5 carrots - peeled and chopped 1 inch long
5 parsnips - peeled and chopped 1 inch long
1 small turnip - peeled and chopped approx 1 inch cubes (approx size)
5 potatoes - wash skins well and leave on, chopped in approx 1 inch cubes
1 veg boullion cube
4 quarts water, approx

3 medium onions - halved then quartered
5 celery stalks - chopped 1 inch long
1 package of button cap or baby portabello mushrooms, sliced
optional package of Morning Star breakfast links - chopped 1 in long
1 tbs butter
1 tbs olive oil
1/2 tsp garlic

1 cup of mushroom gravy
1 half can of Guiness
1 heaping tsp dill weed

salt & pepper

To speed things along, lighten damped two paper towels. Rotate microwaving 2 potatoes at a time and the turnip at 3 minutes. While those microwave, chop carrots, parsnips, mushrooms, onion, and celery. Keep mushroom, onion and celery separate from other veggies. Microwave fake sausage for just a minute. Chop and set aside. Those will be added at the last minute.

Add potatoes, turnip, carrots and parsnip to large stock pot. Add water until just above veggies. Smoosh the boullion cube, break apart and add to stock pot. Season with salt and pepper. Cover and bring everything to a boil, then simmer over med heat for 25 minutes.

While those veggies cook, in a large skillet, heat butter and olive oil over med high heat. Add onion and celery. Season with salt and pepper. Stir occasionally for about 7 minutes. Add mushroom and garlic. Saute until onion becomes very limp, about 7-8 more minutes.

In a medium sized bowl, stir gravy, dill and Guiness (mind the beer foan, okay?) together. Set aside.

In the sink, place a large bowl under a sieve. Drain the veggies, keeping the broth in the big bowl. Return the stock pot to the stove on med high heat. After the skillet veggies are well sauteed, add them to the large stock pot. Add the gravy mixture, the strained veggies and just enough broth to touch the top of the veggie. Save the rest of the broth, though. It's good for another dish.

Cover pot, add fake sausage, simmer until the veggies are tender.

It's one of my favorite things to eat, even if it does take lots of bowls and pots to make.