Food Stuff - Chopped on Food Network

Well, I have four recipes to share with you. They'll be in upcoming blogs, so stay tuned.

I'm currently watching the show "Chopped" hosted by my gay crush Ted from Queer Eye. Right now this French guy is kinda trying to serve raw chicken to the judges. Um, bye bye. Here's a plate of salmonella. So, the premise is that you get a box of random crap from this box. In this round it was chicken thighs, plantains, rice cakes & fruit punch. Ugh.

It's fun to see what things they come up with. Okay, let's see if my prediction about the French guy comes true...enh. Nevermind. It's a commercial.

...update: yep. The Frenchie was Chopped.

Anyhoo, stay tuned for some recipes...