DVD Review - Rachel Getting Married

Man! Thank friggen God for IMDB! I could not, for the life of me, place the husband Sidney! I KNEW I'd seen him on the TEEVEE a lot. And I might have heard him on the RADIO too. It turns out, he's the lead singer of TV ON THE RADIO.

Sweet Jesus, this is such a relief.
And now, to the rest of the review -- except WAIT. I must announce yet ANOTHER man on the list of Phantom Husbands, Mather Zickel. This is a cheat, as he looks like an exish person, but whatevs. He's a sexyman.

And now, the real real review:
It was good. Quite a quirky wedding that was, that Rachel had. It was strange, personal, vibrant and lovely. The actor who played Rachel is in that show with that other ex, the one from high school who wrote to me over Facebook on NYE.
Poor Anne Hathaway as a druggie. It's a long way down from the Princess Diaries Movies. She did a really good job as One Hot Mess.

And surprise surprise Debra Winger is a bitch, as the mom.

Rent it. Squirm. Laugh. Cry. The end.