Britney at the Garden

Oh holy hell. Ha ha ha ha -- Britney Spears was at the Garden last night. I had the good luck to be at North Station while the droves of teenie poppers dressed as prostitutes and gays in scarves and tightjeans malingered around waiting to get in to the concert. I'll have pictures to post in a bit, but here's a video of her "dancers" leaving the Garden after the concert.

According to the security guard, this is just her "dancers". I think this decoy bus is the real bus and this is actually video of Britney leaving Boston, but whatevs.

I have some advice: if you ever want to incite a mini-riot in Boston, yell "OH MY GOD IT'S BRITNEY SPEARS!!!" after her concert as a bus pulls out. You'll get a crowd swarm around in 2.2 seconds.