An Tantalizing New Book about Manny

I heard a story ont he radio about a book about Manny Ramirez, on my way to work today. It's called "Becoming Manny" and one of the co-authors is a psychologist who studies mentor relationships for troubled youths.

The other co-author, when discussing "what went wrong" with Manny and Boston, said that this town was too small for Manny's penchant for privacy. I almost started to be offended, because that's what you do when someone outside of your town criticize it but really, he was right.

I mean, my roommate's best friend's brother's girlfriend's good friend was the object of Manny's affection and we got to hear all mannerof screwy stories about him that I'm sure he'd rather us not know, like how he would come into town from away games and invite my rommate's best friend's boyfriend's girlfriend's friend to random hotel room parties. How Manny lied to the rm's bf's bro's gf's f and said he was single, when he's Manny in Boston and a quick search of will have all the details about his marriage and his children and all that jazz. Apparently when the roommate's best friend's brother's girlfriend's friend called Manny out on this, he simply said, "Yeah but it isn't going well. We're getting a divorce."

So, I don't know what that co-author is talking about at all when it comes to this town being too small and Manny being under a microscope here. But I do see that LA, with it's Hollywood celebs, is appealing because you can more easily seduce unsuspecting young women with a web of lies.

Oh, and, I have to add this: I still miss Manny. He's still a g#ddamn fantastico slugger, despite his many Manny quirks.