Age, Diet and Skincare

I was looking at my wrinkles in the mirror the other morning in horror and wishing I were younger.


But then I remembered 5 years ago, when I wanted to look 5 years younger and 5 years before that when I wanted to look 5 years younger and 5 years before that, when I couldn't wait to be 5 years older...So, then I decided to be very grateful for what I have right now, because in five years, I'm going to wish I looked this way, probably.

However, I do want to preserve the fairly nice complexion that I have right now. This means, now that the sun's come out, always wearing sunscreen to prevent skin damage. And it's also time to move on to a serious skin care regimen. More on that in an upcoming entry. But the thing that brings diet in is hydration. I have to make sure I'm drinking plenty of water to keep my skin from being too dry.

But I just mostly wanted to note that we're always wishing we looked younger and never appreciating how we look at this time. I like the idea of seizing and appreciating what I do have, instead of what has changed. It will probably help decrease the amount of creases of concern on my face.