The Pleasant Cafe

The Pleasant has not been remodeled since it opened, it seems. Lovely vinyl seat booths, awesome mock oak linoleum walls, tile floors and good good good food and an unbeatable price.

Tonight I got the swordfish kabob with clam chowder and a baked potato. The swordfish were so perfectly tender and moist, the veggies perfectly grilled, the clam chowder as standard and delicious as it's supposed to be in Boston.
Johnny B got the eggplant and chicken parm. It was his first time at the Pleasant and he was quite happy with his meal, too. I told him her would be. I've had the eggplant before and it's perfect. Just enough breading, eggplant and sauce cooked perfectly well.

Another favorite dish is their shrimp sciampi, something that both Rene and I love. Good and garlicky, though not too much. Savory, with that tinge of sweetness from the shrimp and not too heavy on the oil, as can sometimes happen with this Italian American favorite.

And now I save the best for last: the pizza. While Santarpio's of East Boston is often called the city's best, I'd have to say the Pleasant's pizza gives them a run for their money. Dear old Betty and Jim usta go to the Pleasant for pizza when Dad lived nearby in Jamaica Plain and Mom went to school nearby at Lemuel Shattuck when they first started dating.
Ever time I go to the Pleasant with the Bettys -- my mom and my great aunt, who Mom was named after -- Mom tells that story. And also always says, "And I don't think they've redecorated a thing since then." This was back in the mid 70s, so you that gives you a good idea of what the interior is like.

The exterior? Well, John and I pulled up tonight and he said, "This is it? Hm. I think I'm gonna like this place." How could you not, with is brick exterior and fluorescent Pink and Green signs, both across the front facade and vertically pointing your way in. Love it love it love it.

So, if you're in Roslindale, or even close to the neighborhood & you're hungry, go to the Pleasant.

Oh My God! I almost forgot to tell you the best best best of the best thing here. There isn't a meal on the menu that's over 14.95! Not one! My swordfish special was 13.95. Eggplant parm is 10.95. House chianti is 4.50. No kidding.

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