Middle of a Million Books - A Resolution to Myself

I'm in the middle of a million books right now. I've got to cut the crap and buckle down and finish these suckers. Honestly. Here's the list:

Listen, me. I don't care if the bulk of my television watching consists of the news & PBS. It's time to turn off the tele and finish these books. You have until the end of the week to finish Lunch Poems, since you're almost done with that. Same goes for it's companion, the very overdue to the BPL, Digressions. After that, Robin Hood, for fun. Then switch it up and over to Magdalene. Next is another Edith Wharton story, or two if you prefer. Then over to Reading Like a Writer (Francine would probably approve of this). Do the Anais Nin short smut stories at your leisure, like when the bf has a busy week, or has to go up to Maine for the firefighting jobby thing and yer lonesome. Ha! Then go back to the Diary and Tropic, reading both at the same time for a total mind warp, like you were before. This should take until the end of April.

You are allowed to watch "Psych", that show with that guy from high school, The Daily Show and Colbert Report and Great Expectations, when the miniseries come on Masterpiece and THAT IS IT. Otherwise, it's TV time. It's time to reward yourself from all that poetry reading and get some other genres back into your diet. Do this for yourself. You'll feel good about it.

Now stop blogging and go read.