Fashion Week Observations - Feb 2009

Observations on Februrary 2009 Fashion Week, so far:

~Black, black, white, beige, taupe, brown, gold, silver, gray.

~Add a dash of one jewel tone or another - tourmaline, yellow topaz (orange), citrine, rose quartz, sapphire, jade, light amythest, aquamarine, bright pink ruby, etc. (see photo)

~Skip the prints, mostly.

~Silk and leather. Poor worms. Poor cows.

~1992, 3, & 4 - think Pretty Woman, 90210 (OLD one not the ridiculous new one, bien sur), Sleepless in Seattle - WITHOUT the boxy shoulder pads, thank goodness.

~Very long hemlines or very very short ones.

~The leggings are still lounging around the runways. (Ha!)

~And now there are more black models because we have a black president. According to this.

~I think Jason Wu's collection is the one that represents what I've seen from all the shows (covered in the NYT thus far).

That's what we have to look forward to next fall. It's a recession or depression, folks. We ain't got no room for prints. We've gotta get practical and have mostly neutral tones that we can mix and match easily (& manufacture at less cost because it's costs less than prints and colors?!)

If you ask me - and absolutely no one is, of course - when I'm feeling blue, the LAST thing I want to do is where a poopy bland color like effing taupe. I want frills, lace, prints, red, glitz. A self-fulfilling fashion prophecy of brighter days; a way to psych myself up and out of the funk. Alas, that shall not be the message from this year's runways, though. Everyone, it seems, is settling into the economic funk and reflecting it in their funk-less minimalist fashion. Bummer.

At least there's always re-runs of "Sex and the City" when the imagination of Pat Field knew no budgetary bounds. =sigh=