Article from NYT 'The Digital Librarian' Series

One of the many blogs on my RSS feed is Jessamyn West's library blog. She's a real swell library lady and she's on Facebook, if you want to be her friend.

Here is a link to an article she alerted her readers to, titled "The Future of Reading" from the New York Time's series called "The Digital Librarian".

I love this story and want to be exactly like Ms Stephanie Rosalia, when I grow up and get my MLIS someday. Heaven knows, I've done my best to emulate her throughout my years as a paraprofessional in the library world and during my time as a teacher doing lessons on reliable resources & encouraging reading of all kinds. In fact, tonight, I helped a student retrieve an online entry from a literary resource book series, explained to another how to search the catalog from home and helped with AV equipment for two others. All in a day's work.

Unreliable resources, parodied in this website about the non-existent tree octopus, are the reason it is imperitive we have information literacy in education

If you are an educator, a parent, a book lover, a librarian-type, please take a moment to check out this article. Teacher librarians like Ms Rosalia are the future of the "school librarian", and I'm looking forward to that future. (That is, if it doesn't get completely cut from all budgets all over because of the New Great Depression we're living through.)

Here's to Information Literacy and educators like Ms Rosalia who are enlightening students at an early age. Let's hope she gets to keep up the good work and the good work keeps spreading throughout all school systems.