United States of Tara

I watched the premiere of this episode tonight, On Demand. It officially premieres on Showtime this Sunday.

On New Year's Eve this guy I went to high school with, Nate Corddry, sent me a short, puzzling little email over Facebook -- completely out of the blue. I haven't talked to him since he graduated back in 1995, though I have seen him on the TV and movies from time to time. That made me see what he was up to lately, since the show he was on back in 2006 (Studio 60) got canceled. The newest thing, according to IMDB, is this TV show. Though, he wasn't in the premiere, as far as I can tell.

Aside from the personal aspect, what did I think? The first half was too over the top at trying to set the story up. This tends to happen in pilots. The second half seems to rest easily in its premise (Toni Collette is a mother of two teenagers, married to John Corbett and has multiple personality disorder) and just incorporates it more naturally. I quite liked it by the end.

The show is written and produced by the same woman who wrote "Juno," Diablo Cody.

I will be watching, and not just to see what Nate's role is but because I like it.