Heaven in a Glass - Apple Pie Beer

Oh lordy. I'd heard about this possibility before and finally tried it for tonight: the apple pie beer.


One half Harpoon Winter Warmer + one half Harpoon Cider = Apple Pie Beer

Mad. Good. Drink. Mom and I have had two while cleaning* the house for tomorrow.

(*So far I painted some trim and moved furniture. She's dusted a table**. We're making excellent progress.)

(**After I read this draft to her she protested to say, "[sucking of teeth] I did more than dust a table!!!" So I will clarify: dusted a table, rearranged the furniture -- by slight centimeters -- I put in place & moved picture frames around.)

(***Read updated draft and her response was, "[Laughter], [sigh], you're a jerk." Now she's going to bed.****)

(****Meaning she'll hobble around on her boot -- bad ankle bones -- for a half hour, moving the clutter from the kitchen table to her bedroom on the side of the bed no one will see should they poke their head in her room.)

(*****Oh crap, good thing she doesn't read this blog. She'd be PO'd.)