Book Review: The Uncommon Reader

It's hard to imagine a book that makes you laugh your derriere off at the same time it makes you want to read Proust. The two things seem disparate, but that is precisely how I felt upon finishing this delicious novella.

It took me less than a day to finish -- because I couldn't put it down & because it moved so quickly -- and what a great day it was. To be wrapped up in the insular world of the Queen of England, however fictionalized it may be, was so much fun, especially for this Anglophile. It's even more fun than watching a marathon of "Skins" on BBC! And you can barely beat that.

Though I could have used a dictionary of British-isms -- and believe me, I'm well studied in most British-isms -- to help me out with some of the England-y references, that's about the only criticism I have. The rest of my reading experience was all positive.

The cliff hanger ending makes me want to hear what happens after the Queen moves on from her reading and into her new adventure. I'll keep the new adventure a secret, but it's a good one. So, I'm hoping for a sequel.