Auntie B's - Excellent Breakfast & Lunch Diner

I walk by Auntie B's on Centre St almost every day but had never gone in, until this morning. I don't know; I was just feelin' hungry. I'm so glad I did, too.

They have a fantastic menu with really tasty items. I ordered OJ, coffee and Eggs Alaska - poached eggs on english muffin with smoked salmon, capers and hollandaise. The whole meals cost less than $15 dollars, and I got one of the more expensive specials. Granted, it wasn't very low-fat, but it's not like I'll spend the rest of the week overeating--oh crap! It's Thanksgiving... Anyway, I was just warming up for Thanksgiving is what I was doing...Yeah, that's it. Regardless of caloric gluttony, it was so good.

And they have lighter fare, too. Avacado, tomato & asparagus omelet. Or if you're more traditional, the traditional Irish breakfast with grilled tomatoes, sausage, eggs, toast. And, because it's a diner, all prices are very reasonable from $6 to $13 depending on what you get.

They also serve a ton of diffent pancake and other sweet-toothy breakfasts. That's not usually my thing, but the raspberry and sweet cream pancakes sounded good enough to make me change my mind.

Bread is from Fornax Bakery in Roslindale. All the beef was something better for you - like no hormones and fed whole grains. I can't remember because as a vegetarian/pescetarian I don't pay close attention to those things.

My service was friendly and prompt and the poor waitress was the only one on duty at that time, even. The place is small -- about 8 booths and a long counter (that's where I sat) -- but it's really friendly.

Lunch gets served after 11. I'll have to save that entry for another time, after another visit.

Auntie B's - 1881 Centre St, West Roxbury; Open every day 7 until 2
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