Liz Phair

Just got back to Chicago, where Liz Phair wrote "Exile in Guyville" back in the early 90s. And then, Liz Phair was on the radio this afternoon, talking about a new, remastered version of "Exile in Guyville".

I didn't know how hard a time she had dealing with its success afterwards. Apparently, it was so hard that she ended up making that super pop, overly produced poopy thing back in 2003. But now the old Liz is back, because the other Liz didn't make enough money...Oh, I'm so cynical. Whatever her failings after EIG, it's still one kick ass Girl Power Anthem rock music album and I will always love it.

Here's to Liz.

Link to Day to Day's interview with Liz Phair.