So, I went to Chicago last week. It was very very fun. Here's the itinerary, with links and some photos:

Thu nite : Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizza - yummmmm

Thu nite cont: The Union, I believe - half off drinks! Sadly, Cubs lost

Fri day: downtown, architectural boat tour, TJ Maxx to buy a jacket because it was colder than I anticipated, Chicago Burger

Fri nite: Red Sox bar called Tripoli Tap. It was more fun to watch the playoffs at a sports bar in a sports town that wasn't Boston but was a Boston sports bar. The crowd was way into it.

Sat day: Wrigleyville to take obligatory photo and shop for obligatory souvenirs. Took the El. Then we separated. I went to the Chicago Public Library, because I am a nerd. Then I went back to the souvenir shop because I left my camera there and the nice young man in the Yankee hat who worked there -- that I had given a hard time to the first time I was there because he was wearing a Yankee hat...but anyway -- found it and set it aside for me. When I got back to Wrigley, though, I saw some seriously funky shtuff. It deserves and will get its own blog.

Sat nite: dinner at Ballo then Second City. Second City had some funny skits but some of it was flat. It was still enjoyable though. and who knows, may be one of them is the next Stephen Colbert or Tina Fey and we can say, "We knew him/her when..."

Sun: I went on my own to Millennium Park and even though I was solo, it was my favorite thing. I think I might dedicate a later post with a bunch of my cool photos from there, because I got a bunch. Then I met up with everyone at the Hancock Tower. Then we left Chicago.

It was fun and I'd like to go back again to visit Kat elyn now that she lives there. I want to go to the Field Museum and the Art Institute because I missed that. Plus I'd like to to go Wrigleyville at night.

But for now, I am concentrating all of my traveling efforts, I've decided, on somewhere in mainland Europe, because I've never been and I really would like to.

Up next on the travel section of the blog: my weekend in Martha's Vineyard. Good times! And now I'm broke! But this is what happens when one works part time and goes on vacation two weeks in a row...

(Thank goodness I'm now fully employed, as of today!)