Candace Bushnell goes crazy on WBURs On Point

Candace Bushnell, creator of the Sex and the City column and a bunch of other chicklit, NYC, shoe-obsessed stories was on "On Point" today and for no apparent reason was a complete and total crazy lady.

I mean, I LOVE SATC so very very very much but, I love the show. I read "Trading Up" and "Four Blondes" for the plot, which was interesting, but definitely NOT for the writing. She almost compared herself to Flaubert and I thought I heard literary ghosts howling with laughter at the mere suggestion. (To paraphrase a political line, "I know Flaubert. Flaubert was a good friend of mine. You, Candace Bushnell, are no Flaubert.")

She writes about interesting stuff--the glamorous Upper West Side life--but it takes other people, like Sarah Jessica Parker and Michael Patrick King, to give her writing its pop cultural relevance, pep and any type of quality.

Anyway, for whatever reason [cocaine?] she just went off on poor old heart attack survivor Tom Ashbrook of On Point today. I didn't get why she was so ornery until I started thinking about New York socialites and why they'd be so awful on a Thursday morning: reasonable answer is definitely drugs, but that's just a guess. I simply can't imagine why anyone would be screaming about anything on NPR. It's National Public Radio for heaven's sake. Leave the loony ranting and raving to talk radio.

Listen to the cantankerous, contentious-for-no-reason interview at this link: