On Searching the Web - Click by Bill Tancer

Bill Tancer, author of the book "Click" was on TOTN. He studies how people search and what people search for on the internet. My work in libraries made his commentary fascinating in that regard. And also because I worked for an online store last year & search engine optimization is key to that business, it was interesting.

He talked about the unusual searches people had made, especially in regards to Sarah Palin. They didn't seach for her record as a governor or anything liek that. No, the most popular keyword termt o go along with "Sarah Palin" was "photos". Ugh, people.

Anyway, apparently someone had searched for "sarah palin tuna noodle" and landed here. Since the blog is about any thing and everything including recipes & politics. Therefore, whoever searched that term, oddly enough, landed on my blog.

Funky, man. Check out that program link; it was fascinating.