Helen Fielding Is a Psychic

Not really. But I was thinking about Bridget--Bridget Jones that is--this morning and now it's on Bravo.

All I have to say, as I watch each scene again for the bigillionth time, is: UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is my actual life already written, with slight variations, as the most famous chick lit novel? Why, to make it even more painful, do I have to have the same name as the (hopless, hapless, not skinny, tolerant of f*ckwittage but very fun, charming and endearing) heroine? Good lord. Kill me.

Unless this means I end up with Colin Firth. Then I won't mind at all.

PS How did I go from writing an entry about terrorist attacks aroudn the globe to Bridget Jones? It can't always be gloom and doom I suppose. You need a little comic relief sometimes.