Supplies for Writing, New Books, Borrowed Books

Here's a repost from two years ago, Sept 1:

September 1, 2006 @ 11:54 pm ·

I have so much
to write about
but no inkling
to write it
for the time being.
I will write about
retail therapy…
so juicy
and delicious.

I bought school supplies from Staples. Ah school supplies.

(Oh, that reminds me. September is still the beginning of the year. I am a librarian, again, at a school.)

There’s a lot that I still write in longhand, believe it or not. I’m left-handed so there’s certain types of paper I do and don’t like to write on.


  • Spiral notebooks: absolutely not. Hate.
  • Wireless notbooks: not sticky enough.
  • Multi-subject notebooks: Hi, I’d like a side of cumbersome with my school supplies.


Those Twin Pocket Portfolio with Fasteners (paper folders) very versatile and economical

Binders: because you can move stuff around easily AND you can take the leafs out and write on them and then put them back

Marble Composition Notebooks: ah, the marble covers. The love of my school supply life. I knew that Sylvester Pollet was going to be one of my favorite teachers ever when he announced on the first day of Intro to Creative Writing that he likes to write in longhand in composition notebooks, especially because it’s very hard to tear out the paper.

After that, I went to Building #19. I bought a novel called The Painted Kiss a book that, like Girl with a Pearl Earring (as Amanda pointed out), is a fictionalized account of the life of an artist’s subject. In this case the artist is Gustav Klimt and Emilie is the protagonist.

Plus I went to the library and got:

The Emperor’s Children by Claire Messud (see previous book survey blog) and these DVDs (please note that I have a soft spot for the sappy movies, as will be apparent fomr the list)


Waiting for Guffman

Under the Tuscan Sun

Divine Secret of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood- which I never brought myself to watch, thankfully, probably.