Bernie Mac

One of my favorite family moments was when my mom, dad, sister and I all sat around the TV to watch the "Kings of Comedy" video. It wasn't long after my cousins had moved out after living with my family for years (because of unfortunate circumstances with their parents).

Bernie Mac came on. First, he started making us laugh when he made jokes about his wife. Then he started making jokes about getting head from a woman -- "Long time ago, long looong time ago." I was 21, with my 14 year old sister and my parents and we were all laughing at bj jokes. Tee hee. That made things a little uncomfortable but then funnier as a result.

Then Bernie Mac started talking about taking in his sisters little kids after his daughter was grown. And we all just looked at each other and nodded like, "Oh, we know what that's like." And all the stuff he said about those kids.

I saw the 3 year old coming down the stairs one night when I came home and asked her, "Where you going?"

"Tah git summ meelk and cooooo-keys."

We laughed our asses off together, incessantly. It was one of the funnest hours we all spent together. That's why losing Bernie Mac is so upsetting.

Here's to Bernie Mac, one mad funny man.