Summer Tomatoes

Sometimes I have a bite of tomato in the summer time and think, "Why do I even bother eating these in the winter?"

'Ne bought some locally grown cherry ones for a spinach salad. (She also sauteed the mushrooms so the salad was a very good lunch today...). Anyway, I bit into the thing, and if you're a veggie lover, you'll know this sensation. But it was like perfect, sweet, tangy, bursting joyful mouthful of more than just tomato. Like, more like the entire spirited spirit of the summer in a bite of food.

After tomato bites like that, I feel silly for cheating myself with the sham of tomato-wannabe-tomatoes of the winter. From here on out its fresh tomatoes in season and canned or dried off-season!

(Probably not though, because I just really love tomatoes...)