Stevie Wonder at Greatwoods 2008

Two weekends ago, I lucked out and got to see Stevie Wonder at Greatwoods. (No, a-hole, he didn't see me. If another jack ass asks me that question, I swear to God....)

My mom was going to take her friend but her friend couldn't make it, so I went. Mom got a little tipsy off the wine from tailgating and we had a grand old time intermittently dancing and singing and swaying, depending on the Stevie song Stevie played.

I only cried a little at "Isn't She Lovely". His daughter, Aisha, is actually one of the backup singers in his band and he sang that to her after she got to sing one of her songs, solo.

Aisha is one of three back up singerz. The entire ensemble is HUGE. Drummer, two percussionist, two keyboardist (in addition to Stevie), a trumpet player, a sax player, three back up singers, two guitarists and a bassists.


My favorite was when he pondered aloud to the crowd how many people have gotten lucky because of his music. Then he had all the men cheer if they used a Stevie Wonder song to get their lady in the mood. Then lots of cheers occurred. Then he played "Ribbons in the Sky."

He's funny, sweet, sensual, fun, savvy because he's really good at working the crowd and getting us into it. It was so much fun.

And we ended the night with "Superstitious," which is my favorite, as it is my "song" with Jenny. When we were in college, we had a radio show and played her music for the first hour--dance, R & B and hip hop-- and mine the second hour--chick rock with some sensitive guys. And "Superstitious" was the perfect marriage of both hours.

The people next ot us were from a home for the blind, actually. Which was just a something kind of thing. And, for the first time in memory, everyone was in such a good mood and so happy after the show that we were all nice to each other in the parking lot, letting each other out and moving along smoothly. It was the quickest exiting that had ever happened. It was like a little soul rejuvenation convention.

Have I mentioned it was fun? Because it was. Fun. I don't know if I said that already. But, yeah, I definitely had lots of fun.