Shakespeare in the Park - Boston Common 2008

Last night, I saw the 2008 Shakespeare in the Park production at the Boston Common. This summer's play is "As You Like It".

Saturday was a perfect night to go, too. The crowd was hearty but not too big, the weather was just cool enough to be comfortable and the production was spot on.

It took a few scenes to really pick up, but when it did--my oh my, what a fun time.

First, I must mention how fantastic Marin Ireland was as the very witty and compelling Rosalind. She was spot on with just about every delivery, showing not just a knowledge of what she was saying (as it felt was the case often for Frederick Weller) but really embodied the character and showed off her sharp mind. The scenes with Touchstone the Clown (Larry Coen) and Celia (Ali Marsh) were always a highlight and all three actors gave stand out performances.

Some things about the venue: get there early so you're guaranteed a good spot and if you driv in, be prepared for a long wait out of the garage after the show. Bring a picnic, for sure. You can sit on a blanket, or rent chairs or bring your own, whichever you prefer. Your view is pretty good no matter.

See the CitiArts Center (aka the Wang) website for more information about times and days:

Free Shakespeare *

* PS-When Mom read "Free Shakespeare" off of the playbill she said, "Where is he captured?" Groan.