Series: Epistles to Ikea - Peace Lilies

Dear Ikea,

We're a bit disappointed in you, actually. We were so excited for the affordable, yet stylish closet set up and when it turned out the Northeast Ikeas were having an issue with the steel parts, well, it was a major let down. Major.

But you guarantee that we'll return to you in September, that's for sure.

However, you redeemed yourself a little at the end when I found a peace lily plant to replace Rene's, which has definitely kicked the bucket. Hence the title of the entry.

Another thing we found this time was the coconut pops. I wish they were on sale down at the food section, but since they're not, we'll have to seek them elsewhere. Low calories, low fat and mighty tasty.

Well, that's about all, my friend. Hope you get that steel supply sorted out ASAP.