New Books - Jul 08 Very Duncan Saturated

Dude, I look obsessed:

Four packages in 2 days and they're all Duncanian (I keep making first or surnames of poets into adjectives...Bernadettish, Creeleyesque, etc.)

Anyway, I stated before I was using a fraction of my tax return to enhance my book collection. In this case, I purchased 2 books I've had out of the library for three months (bad fake librarian! such a hog!) The Opening of the Field and Robert Duncan Selected Poems. Both for the purpose of the critical thesis and personal poetical enjoyment, of course. The other book is Letters of Duncan and Levertov, which I blogged about previously. The final thing was the return of my photocopies of the Black Mountain Review (photocopies of Robert Creeleys copies, even!) from back in the UMO days when my good friend Em and I took a course on Black Mountain College.

Anyway, I'm not obsessed; I'm just a student.