New Books - 2007

As stated in the previous blog, I suffer through East Milton Square daily. One highlight in my toiling though, in addition to Ichiro Sushi, is the East Milton Branch Public Library. It's a smaller building, old, made out of stone. It's just very cute.

They always have some books and video tapes for sale in the little entrance. Hard cover and video: .50; YA, Children and Soft cover: $.25.

I bought the video "The Color of Money." I also purchased "Odd Girl Out" and "Environmental Economic Revolution" in hard cover.

And I got this little gem in soft cover:

CHRONICALLY SINGLE WOMEN: how to get out of the singles trap

Fehr reer, peeps, fehr reer.

This psychobabblebull of posits on singledom would make any book from Bridget Jones library blush with its absurdity. Let me just see if I can post the table of contents...Nah but who cares? I think the title serves as its own proof. So why buy it? It was a quarter. It's fun to flip through these things. I need all the help I can get. Ha ha. Just kidding about that last one. Sort of.