Honorable Collections

I have acquired some new books over the past few weeks while I was up at school, or as a result of school, or as a result of sheer interest. I will be reviewing them here as I get through them but I have to unpack them all first.

In the meantime, I'd like to talk about the collecting of books. Many people who know me well, know that I am often collecting things. While I was in my teens & early 20s, I collected sugar packets from all around the world and the country. It was a fun way to have keepsakes. However, I gave up my collection and just started using the sugar packets because I didn't feel like moving them to yet another place as I finished up my time in Pittsfield. It was fun to have people over and use the packets and tell the story of where the sugar came from: "Oh that's from the seafood restaurant we stopped at on the way up to taking me to school for the very first time." That sort of thing.

When I was younger, I collected sea shells. I honored my love for shells in a poem. I have posted this poem, written in third grade, previously.

Currently, I have a collection of shoes. I fricken love my shoes, and I try to wear all of them at least three times a year. Mom just found pairs 81 and 82: red patent leather kitten heel mules and leather and turquoise beaded thong flip flops. Someone size 8 at her work was giving them away and she snatched them up for me, thankfully.

I am fully aware that my collection of shoes is an indulgence. It is silly or even maybe absurd. But I love it anyway. Here is a list, off the top of my head, of the shoes I own in the color purple:
  • fake snake skin, knee high, platform 3in heel dark purple boots (hurts like a bitch, but my are they sexy)
  • grape colored flats with purple rosettes
  • lavender, fake crocodile skin square toed flats
  • shoelaceless lilac sneakers
  • maroonish purple leather, high wooden heeled clogs made in Denmark
  • light purple Airwalk "crocs style" Mary Janes
See? Absurd.

But, I do have an honorable collection, and that is my collection of books. I mean, yeah, there's a few lame things on there (like the love spell book from the dollar bin at BN) but for the most part, it's an honorable collection. The thing is online already at LibraryThing, if you'd like to see the details.