Follow Up to Fiasco Review

One thing I remembered clearly from my first reading of the book were the employees who were fired because of their knowledge and position on what do in post-invasion Iraq being at odds with what the top officials were saying could/should be done.

This woman, Meghan O'Sullivan, was on one of them. I googled her just now and found this interview from Charlie Rose. Click here to see the episode. (FYI, see page 102 & 3 of the soft cover version for the firing incident.)

I don't doubt that she is a smart person, but watch how much her hands move frantically while she spins her answers to justification of the invasion of Iraq...

Anyway, after letting her go, the top officials quickly brought her back because they realized that she was far too much an asset with thorough knowledge of the area. She is now the former deputy national security adviser and currently at the Kennedy school in Harvard.

(un)happy viewing.

(PS Something I did really like about her is how she wouldn't let Charlie Rose f*cking interrupt her too much like he always always does with other guests...)