Cheap Pendants for Necklaces-and you're friends will appreciate the effort

If you like making necklaces and you have lots of missing earrings, or your friends do, then, do what I've been doing lately: make them cheap pendants for necklaces.

I know it's been a while since I've blogged, but I have been very busy creating. I'll be posting the new necklaces soon. I have found inspiration for making necklaces and have been busy implementing this inspiration.

I have been making a lot of pendant necklaces from pair-less earrings.

My roommate lent her earrings to a friend one night. The friend lost one and I took the other. I'll be posting the necklace I made from it soon. I also took and amethyst earring from my Nana and made that an amethyst pendant necklace.

My favorites are the glass pendant necklaces I made. Those actually came from a fancy wine bottle opener that my brother and my sister and law gave me for Christmas a while ago. It broke, and after, I kept the chunk glass beads from it and have now made each one a glass pendant for a necklace.

As you'll see in the coming blogs, with a little gentle wire twisting you can even make gemstone pendants from pair less earrings. But this is a delicate process, so unless you feel confident about your skills or don't care much about unfortunate outcomes, I wouldn't take the risk.

More soon!