Book Review: Mr Darcy's Diary

Mr Darcy's Diary: Pure drivel, it was. But that didn't stop me from being unable to put it down. I bought it on Monday and finished it last night & I had 2 birthday celebrations, traveled aroudn the state of Maine, and back home all in between reading. So it's a quickie.

Did you know that there's a whole microniche of chicklit purely inspired by Jane Austen novel spin-offs. I mean, I know Bridget Jones had a profound effect on the pop fiction publsihing market, but I didn't know it was that profound an effect. I sifted through Darcy & Elizabeth, Jane Austen Book Club (now a major motion picture), Austenland and landed on Mr Darcy's Diary.

I don't know what made me chose one over the other. I think I just liked the idea of reading Colin Firth's diary. (I know, I'm ridiculous. But it was fun because the whole time I was reading I pictured Firth writing it. That's whose voice I read it in. That's a good time reading, if you're me...)

Anyway, don't bother buying it. You'll feel too guilty wasting your money when you know you should be donating it to Obama (see left panel) or the Yellow Ribbon Fund (see below). Instead, get it from your library. It's a good beach read for the Austen obsessed, even if the writing's crap. It's fun. What else can you ask froma spin-off?