Bernadette Mayer articles by Emily Burnham

I was trying to find out when Bernadette Meyer first came to UMaine for the New Writing Series because I'm going through all my old writing and seeing what can go in my fourth semester creative thesis. I found this prose poem which reminded me of Bernadettish things, somewhat, but I don't know if that' makes sense timeline wise for me. Trying to see this chicken and egg thing--did I fall in love with her writing because it spoke to things I was doing on my own, or did I become a different writer when I was first exposed to her?

Well, finding the answer to this question set me to googling "bernadette meyer univeristy of maine". However, since the Poetry of the 70s Conference from the National Poetry Foundation, at UMaine, just occurred in June and featured Meyer, that's what first comes up in all the hits. And what first caught my attention upon clicking on those hits, were links to my dear friend Emily Burnham's coverage of the conference for the Bangor Daily News.

Here's the links. I gotta go email Emily and implore her to visit, because the last time I sawher was at Prairie Home Companion and that was only for about 5 minutes--since we both happened to be there.

Happy reading:

Words Processing- conference preview

Seminar room for Burt Hatlen

POST POSTing: Today's actually Emily's birthday! I didn't even know! I just happened to write about how awesome she was, but then when I went to email her (as I said above) I found all these happy bday msgs on her Facebook! Isn't that funny? Maybe I knew subconsciously? Anyway, Happy Birthday to one super swell gal, Emily Burnham.