Movie Review: Bobby

Here is another "delayed review" of a movie that came out a few years ago: "Bobby" written and directed by Emilio Estevez.

Overall rating: Loved It. I'm a sucker for Kennedy things, being a die hard liberal from Boston. Plus I love politics. So, this one "had me at hello" if you will.

Even though I knew how it was going to end, I still was able to get engaged in the story. This is a remarkable thing. After it ended, I felt hopeful, not despairing. This is a real tribute to the RFK legacy and the heart that's in this film. Though I did ball my eyes out at the end. (Yeah, yeah just call me Glen Davis because I am a BIG BABY for sure.)

I bet I'm not the only person who watches this movie today and ended up fearing for Obama. It's just that he inspires people in the same way that Bobby Kennedy did. A feeling of hope and a savior like quality. There's always some a-hole nutjob that hates the wonderful people like that...

Regardless, the cast and the creation of the movie was stellar. Here are the stars: Mr. Mariah Carey AKA Nick Cannon, The Kid from Holes, Frodo, Li-Lo, Demi and her Punk'd Tool, Heather Graham (and she didn't suck!), Desperate Husband William H Macey, Sharon "The Beave" Stone, my friend John's coworker Helen Hunt, President Jed Bartlet, Paula Abdul's ex, Fava Beans and Chianti Connoiseur Sir Anthony, and uberliberal and uber smooth Harry Belafonte.

Phwoar, yeah. That's a lot of people. No wonder why it was a good movie eh? I was thinking about Emilio and Demi and the Brat Pack and how some have a come a long way.

This is how I ended up watching the movie, BTW: I was watching the Sox game but they clearly blew it, so I moved on to Showtime's airing of "Bobby". I blogged yesterday about perhaps buying houseplants and as luck and stuff would have it, I had a 50 dollar gift certificate from Home Depot, from being employee of the month in April (yes, I got EOTM in Apr and laid off in May: the ultimate in irony). So, while I potted by 7 new plants and watered them and put them in places all over the apartment, I had the TV on. I moved on to cleaning and staightening and sweeping while Bobby played.