Chronology of a Crappy Show - The Real World

For pop cultural purposes, because Ti gh and I were trying to figure out this chronology on the way up to Maine the other week. Here is it,

MTV Real World:
  1. New York: Beth, Heather, Kevin - good times
  2. Los Angeles: ugh, boring - the cowboy guy, the woman who wired her jaw shut to lose weight, the lesbian, some other boring sh1t
  3. San Francisco - THE BEST: Puck, Rachel, PEDRO - As Clinton said, we all know someone who die dof AIDS now, or something like that
  4. London - that nice actor girl who was in the Bridget Jones sequel, Jacinda, she was in that one
  5. Miami - booooorrrriiinnnggg - the werid Russian chick and the short Italian guy who mysterious got lots of action (though I think I can relate to the women attracted to short Italian guys; they can be pretty damn sexy and compelling)
  6. Boston - I'm so pissed that these very vacuous people were chosen to live in my hometown for a terrible season of Real World
  7. Seattle - the girl with Lupus, the guy who hit her, some other stuff
  8. Hawaii - Tek, the alcoholic chick, her twin, everyone naked in the pool on the first day blah blah blah
  9. New Orleans - the time they had that Cajun hick take 'em out on a boat tour of the Mississppi and in front of the black girl, he said the "n" word. This is also when the show really really got drinky sexy debauchery-y. That is: totally boring.
  10. Back to New York - didn't watch, lost interest
  11. Chicago - "
  12. Las Vegas - "
  13. Paris - "
  14. San Diego - "
  15. Key West - "
  16. Austin - "
  17. ish Brooklyn - a tranny's on this one and she has a boyfriend
I just spouted off this list of cities to Rene, just to see if she'd know what it was. She did.