A Walk Through the Neighborhood - Is There a Secret Art Installation?

Is Someone Planting Trash-Like Art Installation in My West Roxbury Neighborhood

This post is originally from the older blog, "Bridget Eileen's Commonplace Book."

My roommate, her dog, and I went for a walk around the neighborhood today. A funny thing happened on Centre St. We found this weird plastic doll: a hipsterish looking chick with one green car and one blue one for her shoes. Isn't that something?

Then we found a remote control a bunch of random remote controlsat the Corey Street intersection. When we walked passed the post office, I saw a little red box that looks like a bag that had a Guess? logo on the front. Worried that someone had left something valuable behind, I went in to check it out. Nothing inside.

We started to think it was on purpose. Perhaps a live installation by a local artist and there were little cameras around filming people's reactions. Like that Lite Brite terrorist scare a few years ago. Or there was modern day Boo Radley leaving gifts for people all around the neighborhood, instead of inside dead trees.

There was even a freaking tiny plastic pink baby seal with white hearts all over it on Maple St. That with the silver hoop earring left on our porch and the green canteen in the yard confirmed it for us.

There was something afoot, surely.