The Mystery Behind the Magic

I'm so busy with everything else in my life these days--graduate school for creative writing, moving my stuff from Weymouth to West Roxbury, Boston, starting another library job, continuing with the green job buy selling eco friendly products, then the milestones--friends turning 30, brother getting married, favorite kid having dance recital, etc. etc.--that I've barely made a thing in the last few weeks. I did make Mom an very pretty (if I do say so) brown and silver necklace, using a gorgeous rectangular stone she got for me when she went down to New Orleans. I took a picture and will post later, when I have a bit of time. (I'm scheduled to have a bit of time in 2012.)

In the meantime, I'll be posting some "how to" blogs here. Tips and tricks on making jewelry, particularly how to make costume jewelry.

I'll be letting you know where I get my beads, how I think of my patterns and what I consider while making a costume jewelry piece. Of course, it's all amateur stuff. I mean, I would never declare to someone, "I'm a jewelry maker," because of what I do on the side (when I'm not reading from the Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics, or watching the Sox, or writing my daily blog.)

However, when I wear my pieces out and about and get compliments from strangers, co-workers and friends alike, I know I'm doing something right. So why not share the method to my madness? I think it's be fun!

Thus ends the long old reflecting blog. Next one will be shorter, I promise