Sex and the City The Movie

It is past midnight, so it is officially May 30th.

You all know what that means, right?


Sex and the City opens in theaters everyhwere, even at the little old Dedham Community Theatre.

Alas, the rehearsal dinner is also at this time, so I will not be going on opening night. Instead, Jenny and I have a date, for the first time in MONTHS, to see it next weekend when I go back up to my Maine -- I will also being seeing Celia's first dance recital and an art show of Jay's. Busy busy!

I'm excited for tomorrow, though, not just because of the rehearsal dinner, but because I get to see my gramma again. I haven't seen her since our family cruise to Bermuda. And my Uncle Glenn is coming in for the wedding. And the real neat-o thing is that I get to meet my cousin Cheyenne for the first time, tomorrow. Plus all the fam from Mom's side will be there, of course. And A idan will be performing some Johnny Cash, I hope. Good times. Good times.

Here's to Sex and the City, friends, weddings, and family--which is basically what SATC is all about, but with really really really fantastic clothes, especially the shoes.
These are the shoes we bridesmaids are wearing for the wedding. They are lovely. And available at Target by clicking on the photo. That's free advertising for them. I hope they appreciate it.