Retro Review: Sliding Doors

The other day I was listening to two voice coaches talk about Gwyneth Paltrow's fake British accent and how "too good" it was. I wasn't sure what they were talking about, but now I do.

It's a bit obnoxious really. Especially when she says Britishisms, like "tosser".

"Sliding Doors" started at 10 and the Red Sox LOST A EFFING GAIN to Baltimore this time, at 1025, so I missed the beginning.

The timing goes back and forth from past to present of the movie. Though it's in the middle of the story, in the beginning of the movie, Gwyneth's character cuts her long red hair, dyes it blonde and jaw length. There's this "reveal" scene of new haircut and I went, "This movie came out in 1998, I bet. Because I think I copied that haircut."

(for some reason this clip is partially in French or something)

I checked info and I was right. Even though I didn't see the movie, I must have seen the haircut, because I totally copied it sophomore year, when I was into cutting my own hair and dying it super blonde.

I wonder if you can tell that this movie is a mildly engaging, stereotypical romantic comedy with only a slight twist but not really engaging enough to keep me focused to not go off and do things like write blogs and play tetris on my cell phone, etc?