Old School Review: Being John Malkovich

With the myriad of movie channels we have, you might end up seeing some old school reviews on the blog, because I'll be seeing old movies from time to time.

Today's old school review: "Being John Malkovich."

What a freakin' awesome movie. It's been a while since I last saw it, six years, maybe? Since then "Adaptation" and "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" have come out and my adoration for Charlie Kaufman (ha ha I first wrote Andy Kaufman!) has grown even more. But to rewatch Malkovich today was fun--just the right surrealist silly escape I needed before going back to my reading.

The puppets? The portal? The chimp? Cameron Diaz's hair? The fact that when Malkovich becomes the puppeteer "Malko" and they make a bio of it, and it is a perfect satire of those pompous docu-TV-show thingies? What isn't effin hilarious yet absurd about this movie? Nothing! The whole thing is one lovely, very asinine ride into some serious WTF-itude. Ooo I made up a term. "Serious WTF-itude."

But, of course, the best is John Malkovich who plays "John Malkovich acting as the actor John Malkovich" and "John Cusack acting as a puppeteer invading John Malkovich" and "Cameron Diaz acting as a mousy basketcase invading John Malkovich." The layers upon layers are endless. It just shows how kick ass John Malkovich is as an actor. And how great Charlie Kaufman is.