I'm Getting Married So Let's Watch Men in Dresses: bachelorette party drag shows

This blog entry from the old blog is about the time I went to Jacques, a drag queen parlor in Boston.

August 27, 2006 @ 10:55 pm

An interesting phenomenon I discovered this past Saturday while attending a bachelorette party: lots of Bachelorette Parties are celebrated at Drag Shows, particularly at Jacque's Cabaret for brides-to-be of Boston.

My favorite was the (wo)man who was so blatantly masculine. At 6' 5″, 250+, the strong black (wo)man amazed the crowd with (her/-is) ability to jump in the air and land in a split while wearing a black-and-white checked patterned catsuit with fluorescent zigs and zags. Oh and, girl, where’d you get those 6-ft-long eyelashes?!! Fancy.

Most the people around me were least enthralled with Destiny, simply because that little lady had as nice or better physique than the rest of us. (Only (s)he had ever-so-fetching bulging plastic surgery scars.)

Drag Queens wear eyeshadow as blush in long dark lines to create the illusion of cheekbones, BTW.

At Jacques, the Drag Queens retrieve their dollar bills out of the bachelorette’s cleavage. Or the audience members stick the bills in the the fake boobs of the Drag Queens. It’s very strange because it’s not necessarily girl on girl action, nor is it girl on guy. It’s this limbo place, which is why—I suppose—it’s such a popular bachelorette destination. It’s ambiguity on the gender scale leads to its ambiguity on the violation of the impending monogamy of the marriage-to-be-made-later.

It was a jolly good time that I highly recommend to anyone. Very funny, very fun, very unique.