An enticing contest, I can attest

Ooooohhh, lordy. I just found out about something while listening to Morning Edition today:
The O. Henry Pun-Off in Austin, TX

Holy dream come true.

Although, I think if I were to enter, I would get creamed because as it is, I'm having a hard time trying to think of one under the pressure of writing a blog about a pun contest.

But I definitely know a few people who would be all about this thing. And, of course, the champion would have to be my brother's soon-to-be-father-in-law (that's a lot of hyphens), B il Bur ke.

When I told him that I was buying the new legal absinthe, he didn't miss a beat:

"Did you know that absinthe makes you fart?"

"Really?" I said.

"Yeah, and when you do it sounds like this, 'hhhaaandahhh.' "

"Hm," I said.

"So, it's just like they say:

Absinthe makes the fart go Honda."

Check out the details of the O. Henry Pun-Off here.