Sunday at the Movies

I spent the day on Sunday watching movies, some were "re-watches", some for the first time. I was down the Cape (as they say) and the Ps have all the movie channels. So I lounged and lingered and watched the following movies:
Great Balls of Fire - (missed beginning) Yeah, it's been decades, and she's probably in her 60s now, but I still can't believe Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13 year old second cousin. Dennis Quaid and Winona "the shoplifter" Ryder did a good job, though.

A Prairie Home Companion - (missed beginning) after all this time, I finally saw that Lindsey Lohan movie my sister was talking about. I wonder if it will be as good as the live show? I'll let you know after I see it up in Bangor in May (Christmas Present from Cindy & Sadie). It was as quirky as funny and folksy and cutesy as any other PHC experience, and Virginia Madsen looked so pretty.

Lucky You - (entirety) In the marketing for this movie, it looked like Drew Barrymore was the main character and she was struggling to deal with her gambling lover. It turns out this is a movie about a poker playing man, the legend and legacy and tumultous relationship with his poker player dad, his gambling problem and --oh yeah-- he likes Drew Barrymore. This was the second Eric Bana movie I saw that week. It was a Bana week for me. He's mighty handsome. I think I smell yet another phantom husband...

Primary Colors - (halfway through) This movie is even more interesting now that Hillary is running. But, oddly enough, I saw Obama in the "Stanton" character -- played by John Travolta. That Emma Thompson played Hill spot on though.

Stranger Than Fiction - (last third) speaking of Emma see these movies in one day just shows her range: from rigid, decisive, strident First Lady To Be to nutcase, chain-smoking, gloom-and-doom fiction writer, she does it all very very well. I love this movie. It's so tender, so funny, so smart. I love the anarchist baker and the IRS auditor falling in love. The linking of lives, the calm yet weird side characters (Dustin Hoffman and Queen Latifah). It's just a lovely movie, that I happily re-watched. I need to buy this DVD. Now I want Bavarian sugar cookies.

The Science of Sleep - (entirety) Gael Garcia Bernal, just to be up front, is on the list. (Obv.) This is another one of those movies that I would like to own because I've now seen it 3 times. Michel Gondry is one of my favorite movie makers (I used movie makers instead of just director because he also wrote the script for this film.) I saw him on Conan when he was promoting "Be Kind Rewind" (which I haven't seen & will now have to wait for the DVD). His mind is absolutely fascinating -- the way it works so non-linear. It reminds me of this quote I just read, that there is a strong

I Love My Wife - (first third) after such good movies, I couldn't bring myself to finish watching this slow-moving, not funny, repetitive movie with meandering story line and underdeveloped characters. Sorry Chris Rock, but this was a major major miss.

Thus I ended my marathon of movie watching and finally left Cape Cod.